Higher Education Support
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Every Shishu child is supported for his education throughout his school and professional education. We take great pains to ensure that every child passes the 10th standard and we are highly successful. Small classes and extra tutoring by devoted teachers make all the difference.

Higher education support is offered for both, academic and vocational courses, depending on the student's aptitude and interest. Most prefer to follow the more traditional path of Pre-University and Bachelor's Degree. Some choose 3-year professional diplomas like Nursing, Secretarial Training, Commercial Practice and Computers. Others opt for the 2-year program offered by the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) such as Electrical, Air-conditioning and Electronics or short term courses in Beautician Training, Tailoring, Fitter and Automobile.

Two of our students have gone on to earn postgraduate degrees in Computer Applications and Tourism and Administration. Another has earned an Engineering degree. Many have completed their Bachelor's Degree. Shishu Mandir supports all fees for higher education, whether vocational or academic including transport and medical according to the rules and regulations of the Higher Education Policy of Shishu Mandir.


March 2012