House constructions

When one of our school children's sponsor parent offered Rs 50,000 to be used for him, we decided to construct a house for this family. They had been allotted a small site by the government and with the family members providing the labour and a mason, a house was constructed with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet. It was a major achievement in our village initiatives, as this meant that we could provide our children with a decent home, while ensuring that they will remain in this community. Under various schemes by the government some families had been allotted small plots and with further donations coming in the project shaped up well. The women's Self Help Groups too were able to work together to demand land allotment from the local politicians, and aspiring for a house became a reality for several families.

Later when a German gentleman, who had a passion for eco-friendly constructions, came to volunteer with us, new eco-friendly ideas were implemented. A total of 32 houses has been constructed so far. Today the cost of one house construction is Rs 66,000 with the family providing for partial labour.

It is an immense joy to provide a family with a house of their own, which was otherwise far beyond their reach.


March 2012