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The Shishu Mandir Education Centre was opened in June 1993 as an experimental school for the children living at the Shishu Home. A year later, as the experiment was found successful, it was extended to poor children in the nearby areas. The school has since expanded with two buildings that presently accommodate 175 children, but will ultimately cater to 240 children from Pre-Primary to Class 10.

The school located at KR Puram offers free English medium education to children from the surrounding villages. Children who experience aggression, refusal and neglect because of extreme poverty of their families are the beneficiaries of our school, where they receive an all-round promotion. We give special weightage to girls. As the children are traumatised and highly unsecured due to the daily conflicts and assaults, their concentration power is reduced.

The Concept
To address the problems faced by our children, we built on the concept of small groups of maximum 10 children. The method of teaching should be in a playful way with age relevant games and a lot of visual aids. By way of appreciation and positive enforcement, it was hoped that the children develop a feeling of self-confidence, which they had never experienced before. Children, who show behavioural disturbances in spite of this all-round care, are counselled by a team of professionals. If a child shows a particular talent like dancing, music or sports, he/she will get a special promotion in this field, again to increase his/her self-esteem. The school also offers workshops like computer courses, swimming, cycling, basketball, table tennis, and volleyball.

The students complete their schooling under the Secondary School Leaving Certificate offered by the state government which allows them to pursue higher education, be it academic or vocational.

Some of the unique features of our school are

  • Free English medium education from Pre-primary to Class 10
  • Warm breakfast and lunch provided at the school throughout the year (including all holidays)
  • Clothes, shoes and school supplies provided by the school every year
  • Facilities on par with any mainstream school including a well-equipped library and two science labs
  • A teacher student ratio of 1:10 with girls to boys ratio of 7:3
  • Extracurricular activities including swimming, sports, music and performing arts
  • Extra reading sessions for children with reading difficulty
  • After-school homework help
  • Bathing facilities
  • Health care including vaccinations, deworming, iron and vitamin supplements

Special Support Programmes
The 10th standard students live at the school for the last three months before their final exam at the school, where they can study without disturbance. Most of their homes are not conducive to quiet study and with teacher volunteers supervising them at the school, the students are able to focus on the exam.

During holidays the school arranges for camps to ensure that the children use their time usefully as well as to give them a special enjoyment. Due to this extra offer the parents can continue to work without worrying about where to leave the children.

The curriculum for the Pre-Primary classes has been specially developed in association with pedagogues from Germany. Two preparatory years are included where the children learn basic concepts in a tension-free and enjoyable environment. From the 1st standard onwards, the state syllabus is employed.

To enable our teachers to imbibe these ideas and use it in the classroom we plan training sessions that help them to think out of the box and also to upgrade their own skills. We have associated with organisations like The Teacher Foundation to train and introduce our teachers into new and improved teaching methods. Subject enrichment sessions, theatre workshops, workshops on teaching science have also been a part of the teacher training. We invest in our teachers so that our children get the benefit of the best possible education that will equip them for a future filled with opportunities.

For further information contact our school under 0091-80-32970700.


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