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The Tree of Hope:
Glimpses of Life at Shishu Mandir (2013)

The Tree of Hope is a visual narrative of Shishu published to commemorate 30 years of Shishu Mandir. Filled with photographs, anecdotes and portraits, it takes the reader through the years past. Photo spreads offer glimpses into the life at Shishu and emphasize the idea of Family, Home, Support, and above all, Hope.


My Shishu
Stories from a Special Family (2012)

This book is a compilation of stories of students, staff, volunteers, and society members. Every story underlines the role of Shishu Mandir in the individual's lives, especially the difference it has made to the children especially in enabling a better life. The book offers an introduction to Shishu Mandir and the vision on which it has been built. The text is supported with illustrations by Shishu Mandir students. My Shishu - Stories from a special family was released on 11th January 2012 as part of the Founder's Day celebrations.

Written by Aravinda Anantharaman, Edited by Hella Mundhra


Reaching for the Stars (2008)

As part of Shishu Mandir's Silver Jubilee celebrations, the autobiography of Hella Mundhra, Shishu Mandir's founder, was released. Titled Reaching for the Stars it tells the story of Hella's journey from Hameln to Bangalore. As the back of the book puts it, Hella Mundhra's story is a fascinating account of how our dreams can fuel destiny and of the serendipitous nature of our lives. But beyond that her story reveals how a deep conviction to work for lesser privileged people can survive the odds if one is truly committed to it.

Written by Hella Mundhra with Aravinda Anantharaman


May 2018