Mother is the best! For Christmas the hall must look nice! We do not only smile for the camera. A soft and gentle touch for the night. Ammu and Berit Monish, don't you want to become big and strong?. Monish has the glassbone disease (Osteogenesis imperfecta) Small Kavya drawing her house. 1983: Santosh and Leela with Carolin We are lucky, we always have someone to play with. Pavithra and Nagaveni. 3 dangerous elephants at Hampi: Pavithra, Vishalakshi, Preethika Holi in full swing Mala at her best "May I please have some sugar in the tea?" Monish and Carolin 2013. When there is no space at the table, we are comfortable with the floor. Swayan, Anusha. Siddharth with his favourite toy "I also want to come to school!" Carmel Kavya, Suganya and Pavithra. With Alice Aunty we always feel good. "I may be small, but I know to lead". Anusha. Kannada homework with Nagaveni Aunty Eating by hand is not an easy thing. 1990: Geetha, our knitting queen 1999: An evening game. Kumari, Pratik 2012: Dipavali with Pratik as the master of ceremonies.


May 2018