Self Help Groups

This was our first village welfare initiative. Around 20 women came forward to become our first Self Help Group. By making a small, but periodic contribution they were able to create a corpus that was available to them in times of need. The primary aim was to instill the habit of saving in them. Meanwhile 10 such groups were formed. The groups are moderated by a social worker from Shishu Mandir.

The groups meet on a weekly basis and loans are disbursed to the members of the group who are in financial need. Not only were the women able to get rid of their oppressing debts, but coming together for a common goal created a bond of solidarity. Their self-confidence increased and they found the support they needed in standing up to abusive husbands or relatives. As their financial situation improved, they began to explore small businesses, such as childcare centres, wayside canteens, and even a sari business.


March 2012