Siblings' School Education

In trying to reach out to as many families as possible, we made a rule that only one child from each family will be admitted at our school. The fallout of this was that the siblings' education was not guaranteed. Most of them were admitted to Kannada medium government schools, while only a few went to private schools. We realised soon enough that one child in a family may be getting a privileged education from us, but the size of the family grew at an unchecked rate. The burden on the educated child to grow up and provide for the whole family was going to be so much higher.

To address this, we began an initiative where parents who opted for a family planning operation would be eligible for financial support for the education of a second child. For five years 52 families were supported under this scheme.

After a gap of a few years we could introduce a new support scheme for siblings. It was due to a donation for the empowerment of children which made us support the siblings of our school children. Each child gets a maximum loan of Rs. 5,000 per year which the family has to repay during the running year to qualify for the next school year's support.

It is a revolving scheme which makes many children benefit from it and even enables some to go to English medium schools. The total amount invested is Rs. 500,000.


March 2012