Village Development


Village Development Shishu Mandir began its village welfare initiatives in 2001 when the first school building came up in KR Puram. With this, the decision to support the neighbouring villages was a natural transition, which was further aided by the fact that our then Principal and now Director, Anand, had previously worked in these villages.

It was soon apparent that any development initiatives couldn't be addressed in isolation. We were providing our children with a well-rounded education, but their home environment was hardly complementary to our work. If we were to make a difference, it was imperative that we address the major challenges that they faced in their homes and communities. This opened up a Pandora's box, as a plethora of problems were revealed, from parental alcoholism and abuse, heavy debts, gender bias, sex trade, lack of a decent homes and food, poor sanitation facilities, the lack of motivation to ensure the children's education, malnourishment and ill-health among children.

Furthermore, with Shishu Mandir limiting the admission to the school to one child per family in order to spread our help to a wider circle, we realised that other means of support for the village community were necessary. And thus began Shishu Mandir's village development programmes. We support 12 villages in the vicinity of our school, Kithiganur, Bhattarahalli, Priyankanagar, Jyothinagar, Parvathinagar, Medahalli, Anandapura, Hala Halli, Seegahalli, Janatha Colony and TC Palya addressing a total population of 45,000.


March 2012