Women Empowerment

One of our most challenging tasks in our community initiatives was to make sure that the women in these villages were independent and empowered. Most suffered physical abuse at the hands of their husbands. Often women had to give up working, when they had children, as there was no one to take care of them. This rendered them financially dependent on their husbands. Consequently the families' living standards dropped down to less than basic needs, children were neglected, there were more school dropouts, and there was a noticeable rise in prostitution. To address all of this, we have been working in the area of empowerment of women in crises.

One way of doing this has been skill training. The women can access the training offered by our vocational training centre, and many have opted for the course in Tailoring. We have also organised short-term courses in housekeeping, nursing, basic English and life skills . In these sessions women are counselled on child rearing issues, time management, saving for unforeseeable events and above all self-esteem. Thanks to this constant intervention, women no longer accept wife-beating as a husband's right and are able to seek support when it happens. The frequency and extent of abuse has decreased significantly in these villages along with some fathers recovering from alcoholism and assuming responsibility for their families.


March 2012